Salary Tax Calculator


The project was to build a SPA that will calculate your UK salary tax. The user would enter into the calculator page, where you input in the form the salary, student loan deal and age bracket. On the following panel, a table will show the user the breakdown from their yearly salary and convert this information into different charts for better visualisation of the data.


HTML5 CSS3 JavaScript Angular 1.0 Chart.js

Design Features

A landing page introduces the project, with the following design displayed on two panels in a dashboard layout. The layout is built using a mobile-first responsiveness approach. Ghost buttons were used on top of an animated gradient background to give a distinct look. Bolder colors are used to display information more efficiently.

Development Features

The project was built upon the javascript SPA framework Angular JS ( version 1). Calculations were used based on the formulae from the tax information on the government website and data binding used to display in dynamically onto the page. Chart JS was used in conjunction to create animated charts.