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When I was eight years old, I saw my first ever website. I was entranced. From that moment, I have been fascinated by how a website can capture an audience's attention and spread information at an amazing rate. As a front-end developer, my aim is to create visually appealing websites, with a focus on the user experience and interaction.

With the internet expanding globally and to users of all ages, it has become increasingly important to cater to wide range of individuals and especially your target audience. I love the technical challenge of creating captivating websites and I do my best to empathise with users to give them a web experience that really works for them.


February 2017 - Now



Began my freelancing journey from fixing bugs to making interactive websites to gain more exposure and experience. As with each project, I am continually learning about more web technologies and web design best practices to be a better developer. I am a quick learner who can absorb various information and link them together and have always prided myself on my ability to work well in a team. I am always looking for roles and opportunities that will utilise my skills in the world of tech. Also looking to complete CIW and MCSD web development related exams soon.

Oct 2016 - Jan 2017

Developers Professional Programme, Just IT


I enrolled with this self-funded course to further build on the knowledge I gained in my spare time in programming languages and web technologies alike. It also helped me gain invaluable information on the current job market and even though my preference is Front-End, the course taught me programmining concepts such as MVC and OOP with the back-end languages. To see what I learnt, click here to my plurasight course

June 2016 - Aug 2016

Digital Markerting, Blue Bell Shipping


Responsible for creating and managing social media accounts to be fully exploited to the maximum benefit for the business, generate and edit text, video, images to give a meaningful presence online, able to work with the company to produce new ideas and tailor the content I create to their needs, adequate knowledge of Photo editing software, Microsoft programs and social network programs.

Sept 2013 - June 2016

Biotechnology BSc(Hons)


My drive to learn new technologies that enhance our everyday lives, lead me to study Biotechnology at University Of Nottingham. I learnt how to quickly learn the latest research, learnt to tackle tasks with an analytical mindset and working in multi-disiplinary teams to complete challenging tasks

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