ENF- ToDo app


My first project was to make a to-do web app to take what I learnt from the Developer programme course at Just IT. The project goal was to allow the user to enter a task with date and time recorded and the task saved onto the browser, so the user can come back anytime to see their tasks. The app also can delete and check items as you go along. The design aspect was based on the google material spec


HTML5 CSS3 JavaScript Local storage UI animation

Design Features

The design was based on google material design spec due to its bold colour palette and and white space to give breathing room for a clear visual. UI animations were taken into consideration as users input, delete or check items off. The logo design was based on the idea of the fake company name Elephants never forget (ENF) and blue color scheme.

Development Features

The main feature of the web app was to allow the user to store their inputted tasks for their next visit to the site. To accomplish this the HTML5 new feature local storage API was utilised. Each carded item represents a task and can be drag and dropped into different positions. Also added was the ability to print the page straight from the web app.