Cherry Tree Vets


A website template for a group of vet students for their business module. The key focus of the website was to create a friendly theme with an obvious love of animals. With pastel colors and whitespace for the user to easily navigate through the site. The website also contains google maps API to link the location onto a map and UI animations to give a better user experience.


HTML5 CSS3 JavaScript jQuery SASS Gulp SVG Google maps UI animations

Design Features

The website starts off displaying a video background of a dog greeting the user with scrolling animations revealing a different part of the website as the user goes through the site. The main design goal is to create a friendly vibe and have important information clearly visible & in reach for the wide variety of users who would use this site. The design process was completed from wireframes of the site on different devices in a mobile-first responsive approach.

Development Features

Interactivity is added using wow.js as animations are added as the user scrolls. The opening time is dynamically changed according to the time of the user's computer and the opening times of the vets. The testimonials were made using the slick jquery plugin to allow touch swiping on touch-friendly devices. The logo is an SVG for its repsonsiveness and accessibility